Steps to Reserving a Facility / Space

  1. Fill out the Space Reservation Request Form for Student Club/Organizations (SRR) completely. Forms can be obtained from Event Scheduling in the Lower Commons (outside office on wall). NOTE: Form must be submitted to Event Scheduling at least (3) working days prior to event date for meetings; ten (10) working days for minor events; and twenty (20) working days for major events.
  2. Take this SRR form to your advisor for their signature.
  3. Once the advisor has signed the SRR form, take the SRR form to Student Leadership & Development (SLD) for their signature. (SLD is located in the Santos Manuel Student Union in Room 203.)
  4. After both signatures have been obtained, take the SRR form to Event Scheduling.
  5. Event Scheduling will confirm/deny requests via email to the address provided, so a clearly written and correct email address for the club officer is required. This club officer needs to check their e-mails for these confirmations/denials. If the club officer does not receive this email, they should call Event Scheduling to verify request (909-537-5236). If requesting field use, your confirmation will serve as your Field Use Permit