Student Clubs

Scheduling Information for On-Campus Student Clubs/Organizations

Only club officers who are financially responsible (as listed on the current charter) may reserve facilities/space.

General Information

  • Student Clubs/Organizations may request space on a quarter-by-quarter basis. During the fifth (5th) week of a quarter, forms may be submitted to Event Scheduling for the next quarter. For Fall quarters, forms may be submitted to Event Scheduling on or after July 5.
  • "Charter clubs and organizations may reserve meeting space normally not to exceed two hours per meeting" per Facility Use Policy. Also on this policy, please see "regular operating hours" for scheduling purposes.
  • For all outside events, an itemized list of ALL event activities and equipment being used is required. This is to be submitted WITH the special club SRR form.
  • To schedule a blood drive, clubs must first get approval from Elaine Burkholder in the Student Health Center (909-537-3296 or
  • For events that are over 150 attendees, or dances, or concerts, please refer to the Student Clubs & Student Organizations Special Events for further guidance.