Food Service / Serving Alcohol

Food Service

  1. If Campus Dining Services (Sodexo) is providing your food, please call them at 909- 537-5916 to place your order. PLEASE NOTE: For events not in the Obershaw Dining Room or Lower Commons, food serving tables need to be ordered from Event Scheduling (see Furniture Requests). Table cloths need to be ordered from Dining Services.
  2. If Campus Dining Services (Sodexo) is not providing your food, you need approvals from Sodexo and EHS (Environmental Health & Safety) as indicated below:

Campus Dining Services (Sodexo) has exclusive rights to provide food & beverage at campus events. The use of an off-campus source for provision of food & beverage requires written approvals from Dining Services & EHS (Environmental Health & Safety). If Dining Services has approved the use of an off-campus source, their signature is required on the Space Reservation Request (SRR) receipt form. The signed form should then be delivered to Event Scheduling (or an email from Sodexo to will also suffice). REQUIRED: A restaurant must show proof of coverage for $2 million general liability. Please fax this to Event Scheduling (x77076).

To receive EHS approval: Complete the Food Event Notification (FEN) application Food Event Notification (FEN) application form two (2) weeks prior to the event and fax to EHS at 909-537-7049. EHS will process the FEN only if Dining Services has given their initial approval.

NOTE: If food is not being provided by Sodexo and will be served to off-campus attendees, then a Community Event and Temporary Food Facilities Info Packet is needed instead of the FEN:

Please be aware there are fees.

Serving Alcohol

All events requesting alcoholic beverages must fill out the Alcohol Use Permit form. We will review the permit and submit it University Police for approval.

NOTE: If an organization/group is charging admission for a reception/dinner where alcohol is served, in addition to the permit indicated above, an ABC-221 form must be filled out.

Please be aware there is a fee.

Submission instructions can be found here.

If you are not charging for the event, it will not be necessary to fill out an ABC form; just the CSUSB Alcohol Use Permit.